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Positive feedback can be contagious
What is the purpose?
The purpose of Goodpickle is to help people, businesses, charity organizations, products, ideas etc. broadcast to the world the good things and services they offer through the best voice possible ... its users, customers, fans and supporters.

Case Study
Over the course of more than 15 years of business in the home improvement category, XYZ company serviced more than 125,000 customers. An enormous success that could only come from doing a good job. But when XYZ company was searched on the various search engines, (1) negative review on a "complaint gathering" site surfaced at the top of the page in the organic listings. The tag line was a dire warning not to use XYZ. The complaint could not be verified because most complaint web sites do not validate their content. It's not in their best interest to do so. The more complaints they have, the more traffic they get and hence the more money they make from advertising. In many cases these sites "scrape" complaints from other sites to add more content.

If any potential customer who was innocently looking for XYZ were to read this post, it would naturally cause them to pause and doubt their decision to call on XYZ. After 15 years in business and 125,000 customers, XYZ saw a dramatic loss of business coming from this (1) post. is the opposite of a complaint aggregating website. Its a web site for people to post compliments and testimonials only. Build a great reputation with

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Our mission is to deliver a search engine optimized tool that allows testimonials and good things to rise to the top of a good search:

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