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aka gkelly
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"he's awesome"
Posted for G K by MichelleBarney
Gene Kelly is an awesome IT guy.
10 years ago
"Great Guy"
Posted for G K by scirner22
Had the pleasure of working with Gene in the past. Learned a great deal about web development from him. He is always willing to help out even though he is extremely busy.
10 years ago
"Gene is a GoodPickle"
Posted for G K by AdamM
A smart GoodPickle too.
10 years ago
"Cpt.Kirk boldly goes..... Now Gene Kelly on WWW...."
Posted for G K by Bogey
Fascinating creation... Gene. As usual you have attained the prime objective... Make Momma Proud!!
10 years ago
"Incredible Work Ethic"
Posted for G K by raemay
It's rare to meet a young man with such incredible work ethic. Gene is always so focused. He is highly motivated and extremely committed to the job at hand.
10 years ago
Posted for G K by deema
Gene Kelly is a very intelligent, smart and courteous person. I am very proud of my grandson and his accomplishments. He is always there when I need him. Calls me all the time to see how I am feeling.
10 years ago
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