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Julie Harms, Independent Wine Consultant testimonials, compliments and thank yous

Julie Harms, Independent Wine Consultant
aka wine2u
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"Great leader, great people!"
When I first inquired about becoming a Traveling Vineyard consultant, I was put in touch with Julie. After hanging up the phone with her, I knew that I was headed in the right direction. Not only did she give me a very honest and thorough overvie...
10 years ago
"Fun and Educational!"
If you are looking for a fun night out with friends, then invite them over for an in home wine tasting! Julie will teach you all about wine, wine pairings and best of all you will have a great time! Julie really knows her stuff and her down-to-earth ...
10 years ago
"Juls Rocks!"
Juls is an amazing person! She is a great leader and has so much knowledge about wine. She has been a great mentor and has become a good friend. She always makes me smile and laugh. Love ya Juls!
10 years ago
Let me first start with I like wine - ok, love wine! I've been to two tastings hosted by a friend with Juls as the consultant and had so much fun! Juls is really knowledgable about the wines and what to pair them with, but doesn't make it complicat...
10 years ago
"Do you want someone who is always by your side? Yes? You want Julie Harms!"
Julie is truly one of the best. She is knowledgeable, professional and very generous with her time. She genuinely cares about her team of consultants and her event guests. Her attention to detail leaves no stone unturned whether it is planning the ev...
10 years ago
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Julie Harms, Independent Wine Consultant
About Julie Harms, Independent Wine Consultant
I am an independent wine consultant with The Traveling Vineyard. I would love to host a tasting for you and your friends or maybe you are interested in finding out more about my TTV team! Please ... read more
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