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Wicked Wingsuits testimonials, compliments and thank yous

Wicked Wingsuits
aka WickedWingsuits
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"best wingsuit rental company out there!"
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Posted for Wicked Wingsuits by galda
Rented R-Bird for 4 weeks, great service and prices, quick and friendly customer support. Totally would recommend them to anyone. Alexey
6 years ago
"Saved Lots of Money $$$"
Posted for Wicked Wingsuits by K9fashion
So you want to wing suit, and eventually buy your own, but you don't want to buy and sell suits along the way. RENT ONE ! Oh and if you're 6'8" and 265 pounds, forget about buying a used one your size except me is doing this. You can rent a...
7 years ago
"Great concept with Great follow-through."
Posted for Wicked Wingsuits by sfalon
I rented a T, an R and an S-Bird from Wicked Wingsuits over a 3 month period. While I had almost 200 WS jumps, this process really helped me progress through the Tony Suit design and flying characteristics of each suit. Ultimately, WWS rentals help...
8 years ago
"simply perfect !!"
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Location Tagged
Posted for Wicked Wingsuits by gianni999
Better than advised on their website !!! You need a wingsuit to fly? Simply put you ll get the right one quick and easy. Yeah thats looks a bit phony, but in this case is true, amazing customer service, thank you !!
9 years ago
"One word AWESOME"
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Customer service is by far the best. Rented a "T" bird then an "R" bird, suits always ship lightning fast and are in great condition. Plan on renting again this season to determine the right suit to purchase. Keep up the great work you guys & gals...
9 years ago
Posted for Wicked Wingsuits by Mariek214
They have the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. Rates are somewhat reasonable. Very accommodating and willing to work with you and your schedule. I am very short and was not sure if the wingsuit would fit me or not and they shipped it...
9 years ago
"Excellent service"
Posted for Wicked Wingsuits by ereinhart
Very friendly and helpful folks, offering a very valueable product. Great opportunity to work our way up to large wingsuits without buying multiples along the way. thanks!
9 years ago
"Awesome Team at Wicked Wingsuitd"
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Location Tagged
I cannot say enough about the team at Wicked Wingsuits, they have awesome customer service, and truly have a personal touch to everything they do. I received a suit while I was away taking care of a family emergency and not only did they start my re...
9 years ago
"amazing customer service!!!"
Posted for Wicked Wingsuits by joejoe
I booked a trip to California to go wingsuit skydiving and train for a week. I made arrangements to rent a bigger suit to demo. The customer service and communication with the staff was nothing short of amazing!! Thanks guys!!
10 years ago
"Wicked Wingsuits are Wicked Good"
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Location Tagged
Customer service is amazing all questions and concerns answered quickly very impressed by the suit everyone thought it was made for me. As soon as I contacted them I received a phone call and filled out the necessary paperwork the suit was shipped. ...
10 years ago
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