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  • My goodpickles have helped me land an excellent job. Ever since I have been recruiting more and more from both friends, family and work collegues. You never know when you will need to call on your goodpickles for help."
    ~ Jane from Fort Myers, FL
  • Our company started collecting testimonials from our customers the second quarter of 2010. Goodpickle provided a great platform for us to share our testimonials to new potential customers."
    ~ SMART Carpet and Flooring
  • Unlimited # of testimonials, compliments & thank you's Yes Yes
    Ability to approve testimonials Yes Yes
    Ability to message other Goodpickles Yes Yes
    Use of the Goodpickle Seal on your website Yes Yes
    Tools for recruiting testimonials from fans   whats this?  Yes Yes
    Ability to address submissions privately   whats this?  Yes Yes
    Enhanced credibility with optional E-signature technology for testimonials   whats this?  Yes Yes
    Upload scans or images of written
    testimonials   whats this? 
    Upload video and audio testimonials   whats this?  Yes
    Verified notice on Goodpickle profile   whats this?    Yes
    SEO Enhanced profile with microsite URL   whats this?    Yes
    Frequently Asked Questions About Goodpickle Accounts
    I am a person.
    Your account is 100% FREE. Sign up and instantly gain access to tools that will help you recruit testimonials and compliments about yourself from friends, family and co-workers.

    I am a business or organization
    Businesses are choosing Goodpickle as a testimonial gathering tool to help fill a void in their search engine optimization strategy. A previous customers compliment is a strong assest that can tremendously aid in the selling process. Being that Goodpickle only accepts testimonials, compliments and thank you's a business can confidently introduce this tool into their current search engine optimization strategy without fear of defamation.
    Will my data be safe?
    Goodpickle has numerous security safeguards and backup procedures in place to protect your data.

    Can I speak to someone?
    Sure. Give us a call 1-855-MY-PICKLE (1-855-69-74255) and we will help answer any of your questions. Our business hours are 9:30am-5:00pm EST - Eastern Standard Time.

    Manage multile business accounts
    Client manager accounts are available for special pricing. Please call 1-855-MY-PICKLE (1-855-69-74255) to discuss opportunities.