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We Are The Community
Where Good Things Happen Based Upon The Good Things People Say
How It Works
Collecting Testimonials, Compliments and Thank You's has never been easier
How It Works #1
Recruit testimonials, Compliments and Thank You's
Use all methods available to you ... social media ie facebook and twitter, send emails to contact list, phone friends, family and clients, or even use traditional mail. Yes we said snail mail. In fact members who use this method tend to get the best response rate.
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How It Works #2
Approve all feedback as it comes in
Before anything goes live for you on Goodpickle it must be approved as positive content by none other than YOU!
Approve the Good things that come in
How It Works #3
Wait and watch your testimonials start to rise in search
Goodpickle is connected to all search engines. The ultimate goal of is to allow people or businesses to quickly get the positive word out about themselves or what it is they do.
We are the community where good things happen based upon the good things people say."
~The Goodpickle Team
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