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Goodpickle is a place where Businesses, Charity Organizations and Individuals can accumulate compliments and testimonials from the people who enjoy what it is they offer. Testimonial Goodpickle offers its users the ability to find praise or leave praise on the products or organizations they enjoy. Goodpickle is not a complaint site. Goodpickle offers another point of view.

What is Goodpickle:
A goodpickle is actually two things. You can earn goodpickles and you can be a goodpickle member.

About A goodpickle is a compliment or testimonial about virtually anything. For example a business, a charity, a new movie, a book, a person, a process, a product, etc.

To be a goodpickle member is to have accumulated goodpickles at

In order for users to trust any site, they must believe in the integrity of that information. Goodpickle members must agree to certain standards of use on the site to insure that the goodpickles received or uploaded on this site are from actual fans, supporters or customers. Goodpickle helps you advertise and protect your good reputation.

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Our mission is to deliver a search engine optimized tool that allows testimonials and good things to rise to the top of a good search:

 Unlimited space for testimonials
 Ability to approve testimonials
 Communicate with other members
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 Testimonial Recruiting Tools
 Privately Address Complaints
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