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GoodPickle Blog: Testimonials - The Best of Advertising

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by Gene on August 16, 2011
Testimonials - The Best of Advertising

Advertising funds make up a huge amount of the budget for most companies. Without advertising, the word does not get out and the customers will not come. Business depends on good advertising. Good advertising is only as good as the product or company and the word of mouth from customers. If customer testimonials are positive, that is advertising that is far beyond the television or radio ads or glossy flyers plastered all around. Testimonials from customers show that someone is truly and honestly happy with the company’s services or products. Consumers like to hear from customers.


Testimonials really go a long way in furthering business when they are publicized via the Internet. In this day and age of prolific technology growth and the Internet use, many customers consult the web before they buy a product or acquire services from a company. Finding positive testimonials listed online on a company website or review site or blog is big deal to consumers. Testimonials mean other consumers like them have tried the product or service and have found it to be a good thing. This carries a lot of weight, when peers and contemporaries have good things to say about something.


In this day and age, companies are missing out if they are not maximizing their use of the Internet for marketing and advertising purposes. While there are plenty of people who do not use the Internet very much, there are many more that do. It is getting that way more and more all the time, even. Companies should keep their websites updated and their online presence fresh and current. By posting customer testimonials on the company website, they are utilizing free advertising. Advertising that carries a lot of weight at no cost beyond simply doing a good job. That sounds like a good business practice, to be sure.


Word of mouth, compliments and testimonials are the types of advertising that most consumers put most of their stock in. They will likely believe a co worker, friend, family member or even a random stranger when that person has used the product or services themselves. The proof is nearly first hand and that is just about priceless to consumers. Testimonials from customers who have had a good experience should be posted online on the company’s website as well as on some popular review websites. New business contacts and customers can and do result from such positive advertising as testimonials.

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