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GoodPickle Blog: How much GOOD do you have?

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by Gene on January 06, 2012

The Goodpickle compliment website is one that people can trust.  It is our goal to one day have consumers make decisions on who to use, hire or donate to, based on the quality and quantity of good that company, person or charity has. 


It is an interesting concept but one that we feel will eventually make the decision process easier.  It is a shame that one negative review can sometimes offset a dozen or so testimonials.  The negative always stands out like a sore thumb amongst the positive.  Unfortunately it takes quantity... alot of quantity and also quality testimonials to combat the negative. 


Easier said then done.


If you are a business owner I am sure you are rolling your eyes wondering how are you going to get customers to leave compliments and testimonials.  Most people use the internet to vent and only vent because of its anonymous nature. 


Do not expect that a good job will translate into a good review.  People expect a positive experience by default.  It is what you do after that positive experience that counts.  Be upfront and ask your customer for the review.  Goodpickle provides numerous tools for people, businesses and charities to reach out and collect testimonials.


Without your active involvement your online testimonial count will never grow!  That is a fact. is a tool that can help you generate legitimate positive content about your business.

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