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GoodPickle Blog: Good Businesses - Character Matters

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by Gene on July 05, 2011

Business is a world that is often thought to be fraught with corruption and dishonesty due to different happenings throughout history—both past and recent history. While these things are negative and have resulted in negative consequences for many people, it is not what good businesses are all about. There are many good people running good businesses full of character and true hard work. Getting the word out about those businesses is the key to ensuring their success. This is why it is important for companies to keep up their websites and customer testimonials online for the world to see.


In this day and age, many consumers go to the Internet for customer feedback and testimonials. Whether it is a specific product or service they are looking for, consumers will pay more attention to positive feedback left online by fellow consumers than they will to glitzy advertising on the part of the companies themselves. Good businesses succeed because people rely on them to bring them a good product or great service. Even in the cutthroat world of business, integrity and character will persevere and be successful. Customers look for those qualities in companies just as people look for those qualities in each other.


Good businesses are those who operate with character and who put their customers first every time. By providing top notch service and quality products, good businesses will make a name for themselves among consumers. Those consumers will then, in turn, spread the word. Word of mouth carries much more weight than any ad campaign. Consumers like to know that their peers have used a product or service and been pleased with the results. Positive reviews and testimonials are priceless advertising for companies of all kinds.


When customers give positive reviews and testimonials, companies should ensure those things are easily found and read by other consumers who are potential customers. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure the reviews and testimonials are on the company website and popular review websites and blogs as well. Good businesses that run current and up to date websites on the Internet where they can post their positive reviews are making use of a powerful marketing tool.  Today's technology is where it is at when it comes to business. However, technology does not eclipse and will not take the place of good businesses with good character.

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