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GoodPickle Blog: Fake Negative Reviews Hurting Businesses

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by Gene on December 30, 2011

We are seeing more and more blogs talking about Fake Negative Reviews and how they have the potential to cripple a business.  A fake negative review is hard to combat as most review websites provide zero validation.  They are only in it for the content and could care less if that content is real or fake. 


"I seem to be mired in competitor spam reviews these days." one blogger writes


Companies only have one option and that is to get the positive feedback that comes from their customers out on the web.  They have to neutralize the negative with positive.  Customers typically only go online to complain and that is why it is critical for companies to actively engage their customers for positive feedback. 


Start getting those testimonails and compliments you have buried in a filing cabinet uploaded on  Take back your reputation now.


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