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GoodPickle Blog: Compliments - A Little Goes a Long Way

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by Gene on September 06, 2011

Compliments are one of the nicest things anyone can do for another person. The business world is no exception. When happy customers share compliments about the service or products they are impressed with, that is one of the best advertising method around. Word of mouth gets more attention and positive consideration than any other advertising gimmick out there. Ad gimmicks and television spots only go so far, customers want real feedback.  Compliments given to company representatives can be used as testimonials on the company website, just ask the customer if they mind being quoted and there you go.


Companies can capitalize on the positive remarks, testimonials and compliments that are made about their services and products. They can ask customers to post those comments on review websites or for permission to post the comments on the company’s website as positive testimonials. Compliments show that customers are pleased and other people see that satisfaction and will remember it next time they are in the market for a product or service that company can provide. Customers or potential business connections will remember the compliments in the future when their need for certain things comes up. That reference is the best advertising yet.


Compliments are a nice way to build relationships in many ways. The person or company being complimented is pleased, of course. The person giving the compliment is obviously pleased with the company and the product or service they are referring to. The people hearing the compliment are impacted by the spirit of kindness and friendliness that is involved on all fronts. Connections are made even if people do not realize it at the time. At some point in the future when a product or service is sought, or that company is brought up in another situation, the compliment will be remembered favorably.


Favorable results from compliments are better than an advertising gimmick there is. Compliments come across as genuine and true, as real and honest reviews of a product or service without actually being reviews. Those connections that happen just in the course of a conversation are worth far more than most people realize. Just a positive mention is filed away in a person’s memory for later recall. Companies are built upon customer satisfaction and consumer word of mouth. Compliments are good examples of both. All the advertising in the world will not bring in the business a good, honest compliment can.

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